LIVE IN CARER, West Hampstead, London

Ref: LC931

A live-in elderly companion house keeper is needed for a 74 year old lady. She has had fairly poor mobility, a year ago she was diagnosed with early stage dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and has been prescribed drugs to help this. She does not need any specialist care relating to this at the current stage, but she can be forgetful, loses things easily, and can get confused including about directions. She needs a lot of help with her personal admin. In addition to basic household tasks such as cleaning and laundry, she often needs help getting dressed, and would also benefit from someone helping her prepare her meals, so cooking skills are important. Most of all she needs someone who can be a companion for her, e.g. going to the shops with her, taking her to appointments, helping her to get around London to art galleries, helping her with her personal admin e.g. paying bills etc. A nice furnished room in a large 4 bedroom 1900 square foot flat in West Hampstead with a communal garden, separate bathroom. Approximately 40 working hours per week. Salary offered: £500 a week. Long term contract. Interviewing face to face in London on 22nd and 23rd March.

Start: ASAP

LIVE IN CARER, Henley – On – Thames RG9

Ref: LC927

A live-in carer is needed to support a 28 years old female with cerebral palsy, very independent. The position is on rota basis 2 weeks off – 2 weeks on, 24h a day. Caring needs to be preformed by carer: Helping get dressed, cooking, cleaning, shopping, taking a dog for a walk and respect the client privacy. Salary offered: £95 a day. Travel costs and food are not paid.

Start: 18th March 2019

LIVE IN CARER, Parsons Green, London

Ref: LC925

A live-in carer is needed to join an existing team to care for an elderly man, who needs constant attention. The client is now in the later stages of Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA) which is a rare form of Alzheimer’s. She can now only walk very short distances when guided, and use a wheelchair most of the time (even in the house) and have recently acquired specialist equipment to assist with moving and handling. She struggles to talk; can’t feed herself; can’t use the toilet without guidance (she is not incontinent) and can’t wash or dress herself. She doesn’t like to to be left alone so 24h service is arranged. There is a spare bedroom in a separate part of the house which would be available for the sole use of the carer (the other carers use other rooms). Offered salary £100 for a 12h shift.

Start: ASAP

LIVE IN CARER, Highgate, London

Ref: LC924

A live-in carer is needed to attend to a blind disabled mature man in his home in Highgate. 5 days a week, separate en suite will be provided. Travelling will be required. Offered salary £550 a week, travelling will be paid extra.

Start: ASAP

LIVE IN CARER, South Kensington, London

Ref: LC923

Female live-in carer is needed for a lady, needs to be physically fit, experienced in care work and with good references. Due to the lady suffering with hearing difficulties and Aspasia, a clear English speaker is desirable. A cat lover is a must. 6 working days a week. Separate room and shared bathroom. Offered salary £600 a week.

Start: ASAP

LIVE IN CARER, Chelsea, London SW3

Ref: LC922

A live in carer is needed to help an older woman who has dementia. The position for respite is for 4 weeks starting asap and afterwards on a rota basis with another carer (two weeks on, two weeks off). No driver needed. Must be bubbly, caring & reliable. Separate bedroom and bathroom. Offered salary £700 per week.

Start: ASAP

LIVE IN CARER, Fulham, London SW6

Ref: LC921

A live in carer is needed to help an elderly couple. They are both nearly 90 years old but in good health. The carer must be positive and energetic. Main duties will be to assist them with daily duties. 6 working days a week, full day. Sunday is day off. Separate bedroom with bathroom will be provided. Driver is a must. Salary offered £650+/week. Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP

LIVE IN CARER, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK

Ref: LC911

A full–time, live in carer is needed to look after an elderly man with Alzheimer’s (86). His wife is still around but ca not cope on her own anymore looking after him. The client is tall ( 6 ft 2). They want someone active,bubbly and chatty to brighten their days. Typical duties – shopping, helping him dress, basic cooking. They employ a cleaner. Driver is a must. They live in Aldeburgh in Suffolk (beautiful place, stunning house by the sea) and accommodation is provided (large bedroom and en suite and own sitting room). Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm. Offered salary £500 net per week (if the candidate can work on Saturday mornings for extra pay that would be great but not essential). Long term contract. Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP


Ref: LC881

A team of male carers is needed to work with boys aged 14-18 on rota basis. This is sole charge role so the carer must be reliable, active, flexible and experienced with this age group. Salary and working hours/days to be discussed. Interviewing now.

Start: ASAP