London Live-In Care FAQ

What is Live-in Care?

Live-in care is a type of home caring where a trained carer lives full-time in your home and is always available to look after you or your loved one. Live-in care provides the most complete and personal care possible. It preserves your independence, avoiding the need to be moved to a nursing home. With a live-in carer to help you, your life can carry on just like before, with no one making you change your routine, telling you when to eat, when to rest, or how to spend your time.

If required, your live-in carer can be available 24/7, helping you cope with difficult tasks like personal care, shopping, cooking and cleaning, gardening, looking after your pets, ensuring you remember any medication you need to take and giving stimulating company and companionship. Trained live-in carers can help you if you suffer from diseases like Alzheimer’s or are recovering from a stroke. Qualified doctors and nurses can also look after you if you have major health needs, but want the comfort of staying at home rather than being in an institutional environment.  


How does Live-in Care differ from a Nursing Home?

When you stay in a nursing home you move out of your house and are cared for alongside other residents. Live-in care gives you the freedom to stay in your familiar, comfortable home environment, and receive full-time care that is solely for you. You can choose how to live, when to eat, and what you want to do. And your live-in carer will always be there to stop you being lonely, help with the things you can’t manage, and protect you against falls and accidents.


When is Live-in Care appropriate?

Live-in care is suitable in many situations. Elderly people who find they can’t manage so well, benefit greatly from having a helping hand and some company, available 24/7 if necessary. People recovering from surgery or illness, or who have had a heart attack or stroke, can all benefit from having someone around for a few weeks or months to help them while they regain their strength.

Live-in care is also good when your elderly parent needs looking after, but you fall ill, or have to travel, or have a work commitment that is going to take up your time for a while. And if you just need a break, as it is very exhausting to be constantly available around the clock. A live-in carer lets you take a much-needed rest to recover your strength, while still maintaining the highest standards of care and companionship.

Trained live-in carers are a valuable way to help people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or other conditions that limit your loved one’s ability to live an independent life. This way you know they are safe and happy without being forced to move into a home.

For those facing a terminal illness such as cancer, end of life live-in care can allow your loved one to spend their final precious weeks or months in a familiar and comforting environment. If the condition requires it, qualified medical support is available to provide palliative care that will make your loved one as comfortable as possible.  

For elderly couples, when one partner dies, the surviving partner can face issues of loss, grief and loneliness. A trained and sympathetic live-in carer can help them adjust to their loss, while still maintaining their independence, and save them from leaving the home where they shared so many treasured memories.


What sort of help does a Live-in Carer give?

Our live-in care options can be tailored to suit almost any level of need. From simple tasks like helping out with cooking and cleaning, to moderately complex medical requirements such as administering diabetes injections, or very complex medical requirements such as palliative care administered by qualified doctors.

Most live-in care falls somewhere in-between. It covers things like washing, bathing and personal care, shopping and transport, cooking meals and cleaning the house, and taking your loved one to social activities or to the GP.  

Live-in care also provides companionship, with stimulating conversation and the comfort of never having to be lonely. Loneliness is a major problem for many elderly people, particularly after their spouse has passed away. It can have strongly negative implications for health.

We have special packages for elderly couples, where one carer can look after both husband and wife. This makes it a very cost-effective option, especially compared to the expense of a nursing home.  

If required, live-in carers can be available 24/7 to ensure your loved one is always safe, looked after and contented.


How Do I Choose the Right Carer?

Choosing the right live-in carer is extremely important, as you will spending be a lot of time together. We go to great lengths to ensure the person you choose is right for you, so that you gain the very most of the reward that can come from having a helpful carer around at all times.

First, we only accept applicants who satisfy our strict requirements. They must be properly trained, and fully DBS checked to ensure they do not have a criminal record, and are safe and honest. We interview all our carers to make sure they have the personal qualities that are important to you. Only then will we offer them to you as candidates.

Our live-in carers also include qualified doctors and nurses, for those clients who need expert medical care.

We match our live-in carer as closely as possible to your needs and personality. As part of our assessment, we will ask you about what you like and dislike, what your interests are, what hobbies you have, and how you like to spend your day. After considering this information we will offer you suitable CVs and carer profiles to consider. The choice will then be yours. If you wish, you can always interview the live-in carer on Skype or another similar application to help you decide. Depending on the location, it may also be possible to arrange a face-to-face interview with the live-in carer.

It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with your live-in carer. Once the carer is in place, we will call you after 24 hours to make sure everything is working well. And we will call again after 7 days to check once more. If you feel the need to change your live-in carer, we will send you new CVs to consider.   


Do I pay the Live-in Carer directly?

Yes. Once you have chosen your live-in carer, a contract will be signed and you will make a payment to us that is our agency fee. You then settle up with your live-in carer each week or month directly.


What is special about London Live-in Care?

Through our sister company, London Governess, we have many years’ experience placing top quality professional staff in homes –  especially for VIP and high profile families – both in the UK and around the world. All of our care professionals are thoroughly checked and interviewed by us before we even consider passing their CV on to you. You can therefore be sure they have clean DBS checks that show that they are safe and reliable without a criminal history. We understand how important it is for you to have a live-in carer who is respectful and polite, and who suits your interests and way of living. We therefore make every effort to choose the best care professional for each client.  

Thanks to our international experience, we are also one of very few companies able to send high quality live-in carers abroad, to a wide range of destinations. Please ask us for details.


I live outside the UK. Can you still help me with a Live-in carer?

Yes, we can. We can send trained carers around the world. We have many years’ experience in sending professional staff to locations including the Middle East, Europe, India and the Far East, as well as many more countries. Please contact us with details of your requirement and we will be only too happy to help.


How does Live-in Care work?

When you contact London Live-in Care we will discuss with you what your care requirements are. Initially, we may speak on the telephone or through email. Then we will arrange a convenient time to come and meet you at home, where you are most relaxed and comfortable, and run through all the things that will help us choose the perfect carer for you.  When we visit your house we will also discuss where the carer will live within the house, and the facilities available to them.

Our representative may bring some CVs on the day, or we will send them by email or post once we have found the best matches. You will then have a chance to interview the candidates and choose those you prefer. Interviews can either be by Skype or in person, depending on location.

Once you have chosen your ideal carer, we will sign a contract with you, and you will pay our agency fee. You will from then on pay your carer directly.

The day after your carer moves in we will contact you to check that everything is running smoothly. We will contact you again a week later to check once more.

For international placements, we will discuss flight and other special arrangements with you when you get in touch.