Elderly Parents Care – A Difficult Decision, With a Positive Outcome

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No-one wants to think about getting old, but even more than that, nobody wants to think about their parents getting old too.

The harsh reality of life is that unless you find the secret to eternal youth (still not been discovered), then aging is going to happen. You can either wallow and be scared of this time, or you can make plans to manage the difficulties, and enjoy the time you have together.

Old age doesn’t mean imminent death, although for many younger people, watching their parents age and become a little more frail than they were before, this is a thought which is never far away from the mind. Old age is simply that, getting older. The body does become weaker, sometime the mind doesn’t work as well as it used to, confusion can set in, and there is a higher chance of becoming ill or developing chronic pain or injuries, to a higher degree than before. Despite all of that stuff to look forward to, we still have time to spend together, we still have memories to make, and we still have plenty of laughs and fun times to enjoy.


Aging doesn’t have to be feared, it just needs to be managed in the best way, to ensure enjoyment is maximised.


It’s very hard to think that way when the time comes and you need to think about how best to manage the aging situation of your parents. Some parents age better than others – some are sprightly at 85, and seem to be younger in spirit than those 20 years behind them; others are more frail, and seem to be less mentally able than those of a similar age bracket. Aging is a personal deal, and it is something which needs to be managed on an individual basis.


Caring For Elderly Parents


There is a large amount of guilt attached to caring for elderly parents, because there is a juggling of several balls in the air which comes into play. You might have young children, a busy job, several commitments you are responsible for, and it might make it very difficult to be there for your parents as much as you would like. You might not have siblings, and in that case, a lot of the responsibility will fall on your shoulders.


It is for this reason that many people choose to look into care management solutions for elderly parents. This not only relieves you of some of the responsibility, but it also means that your parents get the best possible standard of care at the same time. Ironically, this also means that you are free to spend quality time with your parents, time that can be turned into memories, times which are remembered for fun and laughter, and not stress and upset.


It is a very difficult situation to discuss and explore, and from that above description, you can see the amount of guilt that many people feel. The thing is, you are not being selfish by considering nursing homes or live in caregivers, you are actually putting the wellbeing of your parents first. Of course, if they are able, discussion should be undertaken with them, and you should always respect their wishes, but in many cases, elderly parents enjoy the experience of a live in caregiver, because it offers companionship, reassurance, and it also means they don’t feel guilty for demanding more of your time.


A difficult situation it might be, but it is one which has to be addressed, in order to find the right solution for everyone, especially for your elderly parents and their elder care needs.


Why is a Care Agency a Good Idea?


A care agency like ourselves will be able to look at the needs and wishes of your parent, or parents, and match them up with someone who is suitable for them. We offer international placements, as far as New York! You can also rest assured that your parents are in the capable hands of someone who is highly trained, and someone who has been vetted to the highest possible standards.


It all comes down to quality of care, and peace of mind.


A live in caregiver can help with the activities of daily living, offering a long term care option for your parents. Many people don’t want to go down the route of nursing homes, mainly because of the high care costs associated, and the fact that it will take your parents away from the comfort and enjoyment of their own home. A live in caregiver will have room and board, they will be available when needed, and they will be out of the way when necessary. It is a professional, helpful, and discreet service all around.


At the end of the day, being free to spend quality, family time with your parents as they become older is a blessing. This is time you will never get back, and whilst nobody wants to think about the ‘one day’, this is the cruel pay off we accept for life. It is about making the best of the time we do have together, both in terms of fun memories to be made, and in terms of making life easier and more comfortable for your parents too. For that reason alone, giving serious thought to elder care services is something that needs to be done, and a snap decision isn’t the way forward. Give it time, mull it over, get advice and help from those in the no, and discuss it all with family members, and of course, most importantly, your parents themselves.