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Short Term Care London

If you are in search for a temporary replacement carer, our care professionals are at your disposal to care for you. Whether you need a personal assistant or child care even internationally, London Live-in Care’s specialists are ready to provide you with our completely dedicated and trustworthy services.

Who are short-term carers?

When you need assistance with short-term obligations, we can send you our committed carer for a short period of time (between a few days to a few months).

Also, we can provide you with emergency live-in care (3-5 days). For example, we can arrange live-in care fast so that loved ones can be quickly released from the hospital after an unforeseen illness or a small accident.

What can short-term carers do?

Short term carers are those who cover emergencies, holidays or support temporary care needs. This may occur when you take a small break from taking care of your family member or your permanent carer has other obligations or you simply need assistance for a short term.

They can:

  • Organise meetings, employees, financial and administrative tasks
  • Arrange dentist’s and doctor’s visits
  • Drive
  • Travel abroad
  • Schedule social activities
  • Arrange housework and maintenance, housekeeping and cleaning
  • Cook meals according to client’s diet
  • Help with taking medication
  • Transfer the client from the bed to the wheelchair and vice versa
  • Assistance with restroom
  • Help with everything you agree with him/her in advance.


Our short-term carers can be:

  • A personal assistant
  • An elderly carer
  • A carer for couples
  • A child carer
  • An international carer

When preparing to choose a carer, ensure many questions are asked as this person will live in your care home and spend time with you. So, our short time care service is a great opportunity to get to know this carer and decide if he or she suits your needs.


Short Term Care Professionals

All our carers are proud to hold:

  • Diploma/certificate/acknowledgements
  • C.V. information (all candidates thoroughly questioned by our skilled recruitment team so the details you receive from us are completely trustworthy)
  • Professional medical background and elderly personal care experience
  • Care services references from previous employers
  • Readiness to move from one country to another.


UK and International

Though registered in London, our Live-In Care agency can help you and your family wherever you are. We are experienced in sending high-quality British carers to the Middle East and other locations across the globe. The benefit to you is that you can be sure of receiving a fully trained, reliable and professional member of staff carefully chosen to match your requirements regarding your home care. Contact us for more details of these unique care services.


How to apply?

  1. Call or email and explain your care home needs. Please inform us of any details to do with your care requirements.
  2. Then, we will organise a meeting with you to make an assessment and find out more about your requests as well as your lifestyle, the period of live-in service needed and any additional special requirements.
  3. After that, we will prepare a live-in care works offer which will be sent to the candidates who are the most appropriate for the position.
  4. When candidates are chosen, we organise a meeting with you. It can be done personally if you are from the same country. Otherwise, the interviews are done via video call.
  5. After the selection, we will agree on mutually suitable terms and conditions



We do not provide one single approach to care, so the cost depend on factors such as the level of support. The salary for a short-term candidate starts from £150/day, though if the care is needed for less than 2 weeks the fee would be £180/day.

Live-in care registration is free of charge. Just fill in the form below and you will be contacted by a member of our recruitment team.


Complete this form and we will contact you to discuss your individual requirements and possible candidates for your position.

Our office is open Monday to Friday (8.30am-6pm).