Couples Care – Support for Couples

Should you and your partner need assistance with everyday tasks and medical treatment, London Live-in Care will provide a leading carer to support both you and your household

Couples Care London

Our support for couples consists of assistance with:

  • paying the bills
  • shopping
  • food preparation
  • housework
  • visits to a doctor
  • medication supply

Whether you reside in London or Russia, our agency always has a selection of industry-leading carers ready to be positioned within your home.


What are the benefits of having a carer live at your home?

To stay together with your partner in a familiar environment

To easily distribute individually required amounts of care

Less illness-related stress

Care homes cannot guarantee to married couples that they can be roomed together.

Why choose London Live-in Care agency?

Of the industry’s leading agencies, we set ourselves apart with services that are endlessly adjustable to the needs of our clients. Should you or your partner suffer from any severe or long-term conditions, the presence of our fully medically-trained professionals holds the situation at the calmest possible juncture.

If you are unsure about having a carer for either a short or longer period, we can give you our opinion and advice so you can choose which option suits you best. Our services are designed according to your requests. We will make a care plan after hearing your story. You can expect to receive help with cleaning, washing, cooking, personal care with patience, kindness and professionalism.

Also, we can provide live-in care for couples when one of you is returning from the hospital after a medical treatment or operation.

You can be sure that all our carers have:

  • Diploma/certificate/acknowledgements
  • Detailed C.V. information (all candidates thoroughly questioned by our skilled recruitment team so the details you receive from us are completely trustworthy)
  • Professional medical background and elderly care experience
  • Care services references from previous employers
  • Readiness to move from one country to another


The ways of contacting us:

  1. You can call us, email or fill in an online registration form and explain what your care home needs are
  2. Then, we will organise a meeting with you and your partner to make an assessment and find out more about your requests as well as your lifestyle, period of live-in service needed and any additional special requirements
  3. After that, we will prepare a live-in care list of your requirements which will be sent to the candidates most appropriate for the position
  4. When candidates are chosen, we will organise a meeting with you. It can be done personally if you are within meeting distance, otherwise, the interviews are done via video call
  5. After the selection, we will agree on mutually suitable terms and conditions


We do not provide one single approach to care, so costs depend on factors such as the level of support. The salary for couples care starts from £1,200/week.

Live-in care registration is free of charge. Just fill in the form below and you will be contacted by a member of our recruitment team.

If you are in search of personal care, medical assistance or help around the home for you and your partner, London Live-in Care agency will send a carer to provide these services so that you can both can stay in the place you love.