The best way to look after someone you love

When your loved one falls ill or becomes vulnerable in old age, you want to be there for them every second of every day. But in this hectic modern world, it is not always possible. Especially when your loved one needs around-the-clock care or the specialist care of a trained medic. Perhaps your job takes up too much of your time, or you like most people, you find it exhausting handling everything on your own.  

Many feel the pressure of moving a loved one to a nursing home but it simply is not necessary. You know they are better off in a familiar environment, surrounded by the people and possessions that they cherish. As a result, they are happier and more comfortable, with more confidence and independence.

Compassionate care and protection 24/7

The solution is a warm, friendly carer from London Live-in Care. Looked after by a live-in carer, your loved one can stay at home – where they really want to be. They can continue enjoying their possessions, garden, pets, and all of the things that fulfill them. Isolation and vulnerability are forgotten thanks to our live-in carer present 24/7. From housework and shopping to protect against falls, illness, incapacity, and loneliness, our carers do it all and love doing it.


Full range of medical help

We cater for all care situations in both the long and short-term. We bring independence and companionship to people who need simple things like cooking, cleaning, bathing, shaving, toileting and shopping, yet we also deliver devoted and intensive 24/7 medical support for stroke victims, Dementia sufferers or those battling cancer. We only offer fully qualified doctors and nurses with the experience to deal with any situation.

When you first contact London Live-in Care, we will come and visit your home for a friendly chat and draw up a care plan based on your needs. We will talk about what is important to you – the food you like, your lifestyle, the sort of people whose company you enjoy most.  Then we will run through the options and discuss the best care package for you.


Safe, friendly, fully checked carers

Your safety and well-being are our primary concern. We check all of our carers with the Disclosure and Barring Service to ensure they have no criminal record or any other negative points that would make them unsuitable to live in your home with you. We also conduct extensive interviews to ensure they have the warm and respectful sort of personality that you around. want to have around.

Our care packages

A basic and affordable package to help out with cooking, cleaning and personal care, plus warm companionship. Ideal as a long-term package for elderly individuals who want to stay living at home, but can not manage as well as they used to. Also great for people recovering from surgery or illness, who need short-term help with things they can not manage at the moment.