what is care worker

What is a Care Worker?

One of the mainstays of human life is the ability to be independent and self-sufficient. For a person who has been independent all their lives, the realisation that the ageing process is slowly robbing them of that independence […]
short term memory

Short Term Memory Loss in The Elderly

Watching an elderly parent or loved one age can be hard. They almost seem to change before your very eyes. Whilst ageing certainly doesn’t mean the loss of all independence and faculties, one area which can be affected […]
elderly people

How The Effects of Ageing Can Affect The Day to Day Life of Elderly People

The ageing process begins relatively slowly. Nobody can be sure at the age it really starts because we’re all individual and experience life and progression at different stages. Overall, however, when the physical effects of ageing start to […]

A Difficult Subject – Elderly Parents’ Care

As adults, we have a huge amount of freedom in life, many opportunities coming our way, and many positive experiences waiting for us, but the one single thought we never want to have to consider in much detail […]

How to Prevent Dementia?

Without a doubt, dementia is the number one condition that most people fear as they get older. With every single bout of forgetting something, that fear that it might be ‘that time’ creeps in, and it’s all too […]

Elderly Parents Refusing Help?

Maybe It’s Time to Hire a Personal Assistant Watching your parents get older is a worrying time. Of course, we know that ageing is inevitable, and it will come to us all, but when your parents, the mother […]