What is a Healthy Diet For The Elderly?

A healthy diet is vital at any age, but during old age it is even more important to ensure the right balance of vitamins and minerals, to ensure overall health and wellbeing. In addition, it’s important to get […]

Dehydration in the Elderly – Prevention, Risks, And Symptoms

We all know that we should drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, in order to remain fit and healthy. From time to time, it’s normal to forget to grab a glass of water and as a result […]

How Much Does a Live in Carer Cost in The UK?

If you’re considering the options available for an elderly parent or relative, you’ll no about be exploring all avenues in great detail.  A care home isn’t the first option and it’s one which really comes as a last […]
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What Are The Criteria For Going Into a Care Home?

The idea of going into a care home can be extremely daunting to an elderly person, and even for family members. Despite the upset involved in making the decision to move towards a care home, it’s important to […]

What Does a Personal Assistant For The Elderly Actually Do?

When it comes to care and support options for the elderly, there are far more choices to look into than you might first think. Most people tend to jump straight towards considering at-home carers, living with a relative, […]

How Can Older People be in Control of Decision Making About Their Care and Support Needs?

When a person begins to age, life changes. We all want to pretend that this is never going to happen to us, but the fact remains that life means birth, the middle part, ageing, and then death. This […]